Multi-Layers Co-Extrusion Cast Film Die

  • Multi-Layers Manifold Co-Extrusion Die

    Multi-Layers Manifold Co-Extrusion Die

    Techincal Parameter 1.Surface layer percentage can be as low as 8% 2.Suitable for different melt point raw material co – extrusion,the max temperature difference can reach 80 ℃(Esoecially suitable for process temperatures differ by more than 20 ℃ multilayer coextrusion ) 3.Independent temperature control in every layer ,with heat insulation device. 4.With special flow channel design to reduce the edge cutting ,thus to reduce the scraps .
  • Multi-layers Co-Extrusion Cast Film Die

    Multi-layers Co-Extrusion Cast Film Die

    Using coat-hanger flow design. The upper die lip is full push flexible fine-tuning or push-pull fine-tuning adjusting method,down die lip is in whole. The width range: 200-1000mm. Techincal Parameter 1.Combined the materials together in mould, makes the layers freely adjustable so as to attain a multi-layer and multi-color composite product. 2.With composite co-extrusion feedblock produces single, multi- coextruded cast film products. 3.According to customer’s requirement for design Online d...