Melt Blown Non Woven Die -the core equipment of mask material

The melt-blown cloth is the middle layer of the mask. The fiber diameter is only one-thirtieth of the hair diameter. Therefore, it can filter the spread of bacteria and the virus. It is called the “heart” of the mask. The price of melt-blown cloth production equipment is often several million, and the production line is even tens of millions, and it requires special training for the staff, and the industry threshold is higher. In particular, the core components of the production line, melt-blown die heads and spinnerets, have not

The accumulation of technology makes it difficult to shoulder this important task.

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The precision of the aperture processing is high. The fiber diameter of the melt-blown cloth is 0.5 to 10 microns. During the extrusion process of the spinneret hole, the uniformity and stability of the die head play a decisive role in the material of the melt-blown cloth. In the process of the 1.6-meter wide-spoke melt-blown die head, more than 2500 holes need to be punched in the die body

The diameter, its density and uniformity have strict requirements. The error of each aperture is about 0.3MM. The error does not exceed 2%: the aperture finish is 0.01um-0.03um to reach the mirror level, and there can be no deviation in straightness. Jingwei engineer team, the county has more than ten years of technical experience

The use of the latest micro-drills, combined with the precision machining technology at the manufacturing site of spinnerets for synthetic fibers for many years, has been advancing the evolution of technology.

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Post time: Jul-17-2020