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TaiZhou Huangyan Jingwei mould Co., Ltd.

Taizhou city Huangyan Jingwei mould is an international professional manufacturer of extrusion die ,specializing in the manufacturing of kinds of dies for sheet、plate、film, single-layer or multi-layers co-extrusion die , feedblock,screen changer ,melt pump,ect.With the abundant manufacturing experience and continuously technical innovation ,equipped with modern CNC processing machines ,our company is making the products to be much better . “Excellent Quality,Good Reputation,Perfect Service” are the unchanged mission of every Jingwei people. In the new journey,Jingwei will produce the most excellent die with the most professional attitude,the most excellent quality, perfect service to create more value for customers and partners.

In the plastics extrusion industry, Jing wei mould depend rich practical experience and field data, reference absorb foreign advanced technology, through computer simulations of polymer rheology, to obtain an accurate flow design. To ensure the best flow of the die geometric design,to selection of the most advanced computer models engineering technology.

Every T-Die manufactured by Jingwei is tailor made in accordance with the customer’s requirement.Our engineers coordinate with the customer to comfirm the best T-Die design, try our best to help customers solve problem,for customers to create a more fit the actual production die products.

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